Speed & Quality


Based on Agile Development and Gatekeeping Process

Speedy commercialization by anticipating latest trends to position one step ahead in the market.
At the same time, we try our best to guarantee the quality and maximize the value of the products.

Speedy and High-Quality Product Development
for a Competitive Edge

The speed of developing new products from the idea seeds is a key for creating new trends.
Our development process is designed to balance both speed and quality.
This enables us to take a product from the planning to sales stage in as quickly as around six months.

Strong OEM Network
for Fabless Management

Through solid partnerships with original equipment manufacturers worldwide, we are able to work quickly and keep up with trends in various categories while still maintaining high quality and moving forward with an enormous number of plans.
We are always on the look-out for new and pioneering partnerships, which has grown our OEM network to include over 150 companies.

Putting Customer Feedback Back into Products

We receive tens of thousands of reviews for each product in the BOTANIST and SALONIA series.
In addition to online reviews, we also receive customer feedback directly by phone and in person at our distributor and flagship stores. We have set up a system for sharing all these feedback, both positive and negative, within the company, and using it to revamp existing products and also plan for future products.