One Step Ahead

Advanced AI Trend Forecasting System

and Specialist Groups for Grasping Trends

We place our trust in technological progress, as well as in human sensitivities and instincts.
We have built up a stock of thousands of items and ideas, which are the seeds of future hit products.

I-ne Original
Al Insight Analyser;

We have developed an original advanced AI system KIYOKO, as a new tool for generating hit products. KIYOKO analyzes over 20 million entries of big data collected from all types of media, including news, word-of-mouth sites and social medias from 239 countries worldwide to grasp the untapped needs of consumers.

Trend Hunting Team

We have a team of selected staff who have lived overseas, know a lot about a certain field, or have some other relevant skills,
and assembled them into a team of people who can stay up to date with all types of information from around the world.
“This will be the start of a new trend,” or “Combining two trends will create a new one.” We can share these foresighted ideas in our company to develop new products.
This is how we start the product development at I-ne.

Idea Drafting System
Involving All Staff

Every month, all the I-ne staff share their idea called 'gemstones', which is because they have possibility to become a precious gem of new products or brands.
Each year we collect over 3,000 of these ideas.
And anyone can make an internal presentation on it anytime if he/she is confident about the 'gemstones' to turn it into an actual project.
Everyone at I-ne has the chance to be a part of product planning, regardless of the seniority, their assigned department, or position in the company.