Brand List

Developing a Range of

Beauty-Focused Brands

From beauty-care items including skincare and cosmetic products, supplements, fabric softeners, and to genres of apparel - I-ne is offering various brands to make people healthier and more beautiful.

A botanical lifestyle brand,
which brings out your natural beauty
through the blessing of plants.

As a botanical lifestyle brand, we are continually striving to achieve an optimal balance between the abundant blessings of plants and our craftsmanship using latest technology.
BOTANIST carries a lineup of products including skincare, hair care and body care, which are formulated with plant-derived ingredients, as well as some lifestyle goods.

A hair styling brand,
bringing out your natural beauty

Your hairstyle gives a strong first impression. We hope everyone of all ages and gender to enjoy the hair styling as they wish. Hopefully SALONIA can be of any help to you to live a life positively.


A clay shampoo which brings out the hidden power of sea clay, inspired by beauty-salon treatment.
Natural clay, a gift of the Earth, helps to bring natural beauty to you.


Conditions and maintains the balance of bacteria on scalp for healthier hair, leading it to its essential condition.
Your first aging-hair-care with hair-beautifying bacteria.


A cosmetic brand that offers products, including eyeliners and mascaras, developed in collaboration with model and celebrity Akemi Darenogare.


Produced by Nicole Fujita, a model and celebrity, this brand offers cosmetic products such as lipsticks.


A Korea-originated gender-neutral makeup brand. Pursue the unique beauty of your own.


A skincare brand, developed with our wish to make the users "live a positive life in their bare skin and their natural self."

Lara Republic

A folate supplement to boost the women who are at pre-pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding.


An oral care brand made with natural ingredients.


A functional organic skincare brand to make women glow with even more vitality.

Natural Healthy Standard.

Proposing a fresh and new lifestyle with placing the emotional and physical health of the people before all other things.


A botanical fabric softener brand made with plant-derived ingredients.


Minerals make women stronger; and these mascaras, eyeliners, and eyebrow pencils contain such minerals.


A grooming brand for men who seek authenticity.


A range of printed t-shirts and other fully-fabricated textile products.