Brand Development

Creating Brands that Make Waves

from Japan to the World

We handle brand management, product development, wholesale, retail operations, sales, advertising
and distribution thoroughly. We deliver numerous and varied products to our customers, all based on the concept of "Chain of Happiness".

Consistent Brand Development, From Concept Creation to Distribution

Our mission is to bring happiness through our products to end users everywhere by consistently handling all operations as from the product development to distribution by ourselves.

We are always tuned into daily market trends, and we speedily create products without compromising on quality and cost.
We built strategies for operating creative promotion and sales to further enhance the value of our own products by anticipating future.
We will keep leveraging these strengths as we strive to become a world-leading global company.

Product Planning

Making use of market surveys, concept creation, and joint development with OEM, we are tuning into the untapped needs of customers, and providing new value in domestic and overseas markets.


We design everything from a product’s launch to its long-term branding. We increase the added value of products by doing all the related creative work in-house.

Sales Activities: E-Commerce

Our e-commerce business centers on the brand's E-commerce site, as well as Rakuten Market, Amazon, and other leading internet shopping sites in Japan. We are constantly working hard on positioning our stores on the front line.

Sales Promotion: Wholesale Management

We hold business talks with retail stores, mainly drug stores and variety shops, and introduce and deliver I-ne products to customers.

Digital Marketing & PR

Our efforts to improve the customers' awareness on I-ne brands and products include approaching to media such as TV, Web, and magazines, and offering free samples at events.

Customer Support

We are striving to create even better products by answering customer inquiries, and incorporating customer feedback into our product planning and development.