Message From the President

Creates Products That Can Change

the World for our BOSS - the Customers

We are here to make as many people happier as possible.
As a beauty tech company, we want our customers - the BOSS - around the world to have happy user experience through our innovative "idea and marketing."

What We Realized in the Fifth Year of Business:
We Exist to Create a "Chain of Happiness"

It was 2005. A time when the “Galapagos” type of Japanese cell phone was the mainstream, and I was an university student.
I was fascinated by the e-commerce platform through the mobile phone, as well as the powerful influence of personal blogs to potentially impact the growth of the businesses.
This is when I launched the company.

Initially, I wasn’t too fussed about which specific product genres to focus on. So the company sold T-shirts, nail polish, skin care items, and a range of other goods.
“Let’s just do something new!” “Let’s seize any chance to grow the business!” This was my mindset as I forged ahead at full throttle.
It was around the fifth year in business, when we had over 10 employees and sales exceeded 1 billion yen,
that I realized simply pursuing “sales growth” wasn’t enough for me.

It was also that time when I came across this customer review:
“Since starting to use I-ne products, whatever was troubling my daughter is now gone, and she is now going to school happily. Thank you.”

'Sales growth' has been the only thing we purchased since launching the company,
but this was the moment I realized what is the true value we offer the customers who purchase our products.
And this is how the I-ne mission, "Chain of Happiness" was born.
It is very important to us that we can deliver a happy user experience not only to the people who purchase our products, but to others around them as well.

As a beauty tech company, we will skillfully utilize a range of technologies including AI and IoT, and keep striving to maximize the Chain of Happiness through our products.

Yohei Onishi
President and CEO
I-ne Co., Ltd.

THOUGHTWhat We Want From Things
Is Constantly Changing

Before the industrial revolution, we lived in a time where supply could not keep up with demand, and many people were unable to reliably access the items they needed. Then the industrial revolution happened, and we were able to make many things at a low cost. This shifted us from a time of not having enough goods to an era of the more items you made, the more you could sell.

The economic progression and technological advancements that occurred from the 1970s led to the successive development of products to make people’s lives more convenient. Consequently, stores became filled with rows of products that had similar functions.

With the spread of the internet that started in the 1990s, consumers began to seek more from products than just functionality. They were now interested in the so-called spiritual value of products, as represented in the vision a brand has and how it can make a difference in society.

The current market of countless brands, a myriad of values, and an innumerable amount of information is continuing this trajectory of change, and taking it to the next level.

We Want to Make
as Many People as Possible Smile.
Creating Products
That Change the World.

Technological advancements have made it possible to more effectively use vast amounts of data, and thanks to dramatic advancements in manufacturing equipment, we are now in a time where an individual can have an item that meets their needs made quickly and delivered speedily to them.
I believe the time will come when 7 billion products will be delivered to match the 7 billion people on earth.

In such an era, manufacturing and advertising will be so finely honed that there is no waste of resources, and the end of mass production will lead to a reduction in excessive waste, which will subsequently eliminate environmental pollution. Everyone at I-ne believes in this vision for the future, of a world that is wonderful for both consumers and the global environment.

It will be a world in which companies deliver products that truly meet the needs of each individual. This is what we are aiming to achieve at I-ne.

And this is also how we can help to create a more affluent society.
As a beauty tech company, our philosophy at I-ne is to bring happiness to the world through our products.

Yohei Onishi
President and CEO
I-ne Co., Ltd.