Management Philosophy

Chain of Happiness

As a beauty tech company, we want our customers - the BOSS - around the world to have happy user experience through our innovative "idea and marketing."

Chain of Happiness
Starts from the Customer

We don’t just deliver products to our customers.
We give them a happy user experience.

"Since started using your products, my troubles have gone away, and now I'm enjoying going to school."
“My daughter gave me your product as a present. It is my precious memory for life.”

Starting with our products, we are striving to maximize this Chain of Happiness to include our customers, business partners, local communities, and the global environment.


Play HardEnjoy every moment of chaos in every situation.
Join the team and do your best.

CommitPassion brings out every result.
All for the result.

InnovateInnovation never ends.
Think outside the box.
Give surprise to the world.


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    Boss’ Perspective
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  • CREDO.03

    24/7 Input
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    Challenge & Commit
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    Speed Freak
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    Knowledge & Share
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    Do the right things